3 full days away from “business as usual” with a spark of adventure 




The 3 days remain business but in a completely different aspect. You are finally given the time needed to touch base with yourself, your aspirations, goals. During this time, you will work with your Leadership Coach and have the chance to:

  • gain new self-awareness and experience several “a-ha” moments,

  • refine your leadership style, 

  • reflect on your behavior, actions and its impact,

  • create distance that will help you gain new perspectives on your work – just like watching a landscape from a helicopter’s view. 


If desired, your team can be involved in this process and experience as well. 


What’s in the offer:

  • Leadership Coaching Sessions – prior, during and after your TIME OUT (total of 8hours)

  • Organization of TIME OUT including accommodation in a stylish and modern hotel with breakfast & dinner

  • One activity of your preference per day 


*Not included in the offer are lunch & travel expenses.



Besides the time just for yourself and working with your Coach, you will also get: 

  • A sense of adventureàyou will notknow your exact destination (and if wished, departure time) until the day prior departing for your TIME OUT. Why? This is already your first dare– how open are you for unknown, how much control do you need to have over the events, how flexible and spontaneous you actually are. How easily do you let go and switch from a day filled with tasks and business meetings to a day where you can actually stop, take a deep breath and work on what matters the most – YOU – and still count it as work. 

  • Extraordinary experienceaway from your daily routine

  • A chance toleave your comfort zone 



Prior your TIME OUT:

Orientation call --> In our first 30-minute conversation we define:

  • Main outcome/s of your TIME OUT

    • What do you want to return with after your TIME OUT?

    • What are your current challenges and how can your TIME OUT help you overcome them?

    • If desired, how can your team be involved in your TIME OUT process?

  • Preferred dates and option (Scheduled* or Spontaneous** Leave) of your TIME OUT 

  • Destination preference (City, Mountains, Lake)

  • Activity preference 


Prep 60-minute Coaching Session Call àWe set the foundation and main objectives of your focus


  • During your TIME OUT

120-minute Coaching Session each day

Each day we will have one 120-minute Coaching Session. During this time, we will debrief personality/strengths assessments to increase your self-awareness, get to the core of the challenges you are facing, and equip you with an action plan to overcome these. You will become richer for new perspectives, learn more about your leadership style, and become empowered with extended clarity and confidence.

And while you are on your TIME OUT, you will have plenty of time for self-reflection and many chances to discuss these with your Coach.


  • After your TIME OUT

Follow-up 60-minuteCoaching SessionCall

Approx. 2 weeks upon your return we will use this session to reflect on how the TIME OUT experience impacted and enriched your work, what you were able to integrate in your work, what worked well and what still needs some fine-tuning. 


Ready for your TIME OUT? All you need to do is to commit to yourself! We take care of the organization – the destination, accommodation, on-site activity, the coaching program and anything else needed to maximize your TIME OUT.   


It’s YOUR TIME OUT – I help you get the best out it!

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