Slow down and offer yourself a break to reconnect with your inner compass

Do you feel like you have lost touch with yourself, your visions and goals? Or you constantly feel wired with having too much to do and too little time to figure out how you can make even more impact in your professional career? 

An executive retreat might be just the right thing for you! In an idyllic setting, you can put aside your daily responsibilities and focus on what really matters - YOU!

Your expected benefits

• Discover how your unique personality impacts you at work

• Expand your ability to daily re-charge your energy

• Feel connected to your mind and body

• Return home inspired and energized to seize any goal

What we promise

• Individual and group coaching sessions

• To be your personal sparring partner during the retreat and beyond

• To give you space and time for self-discovery, awareness and reflection

• A small group retreat with maximum impact

• A feel of vacation that is actually a fruitful work

About Leaders' Vitality 

In joined efforts and visions with my dear colleague and friend Alexandra Philipona, Leaders’ Vitality program was born. We focus on the personal growth and well-being of leaders and managers. Besides working with professional tools, we spice our retreats and workshops with fun, lightness and establish a rich learning environment for our clients.

We organise leadership retreats and workshops in idyllic settings across Switzerland.



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