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Team Coaching


Start building a strong and collaborative team today. 

Team coaching is designed to be the optimal combination of individual and group coaching but can be tailored to balance out the individual needs of your company, so you get the exact executive coaching services you need. 


Team coaching offers invaluable benefits, some of which include: 


  • Improved communication and collaboration.

  • Achievement of common goals.

  • Increased creativity and productivity.

  • Increased clarity of job roles and responsibilities.

  • Greater satisfaction at work with improved teamwork.

Virtual Team Coaching Workshops

Online Workshop
Reunite back in the office stronger as ever and kick off the start of the new normality with a workshop where your unique personalities are at the forefront.
Your personality traits and the natural energies you have available for tasks at hand and environments you are in reveal important insights. Find the beauty and power of each individuality and discover the unique capabilities each person brings to the table in the virtual environment.
Bring your team's collaboration, communication, and performance to a higher level!


Key highlights:

During this interactive workshop, you will be introduced to 28 different personality traits that make up your team based on the WorkPlace Big Five™ model. With the help of exercises and case studies, each member will gain valuable insights of own and team members personality traits concerning:

  • what stresses you, 

  • what stimulates you, 

  • what interests you, 

  • what motivates you, and 

  • what distracts you while you are at work.


You will discover your team's strengths, and develop strategies to overcome any challenges coming your way. 


This is a virtual event. We will meet on Zoom where everyone gets center stage and still gets to have plenty of fun.

What's included:

  • Each participant receives 2 individual WorkPlace Big Five Profile reports with 28 personality traits 

  • Composition of personality traits of your team

  • 4h Workshop Facilitation 

  • 15-Minute Alignment Call with every participant before the workshop

  • BONUS - 1h Follow up online session with all participants 6 weeks after the workshoP



Q1: We have a very limited budget, does the entire team needs to be involved in the coaching
Q2. How can we measure the results of coaching
Q3. How long does coaching engagement last?


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